Our Fabrics

We have thoughtfully sourced the premium of natural fibres  – Organic Hemp to create our Capsule collections in. These mainly consist of Hemp Knits and Linens that are 100% GOTS Certified for our beautiful designs.

Hemp is a high end luxurious fabric. It is up to three times more sustainable and durable in its natural quality to last than cotton is.

Hemp alongside Bamboo is one of the most sustainable materials on Earth.

It will last and journey with you, and we hope your Nōka product stays within your circle for a while.

It has UV protective qualities.
Hemp is luxuriously soft and gets softer over time.
Hemp does both – it keeps your body warm and regulated and cool and light.
Hemp garments keep their shape over time.
Naturally biodegradable. Which means it shall return to the Earth.
Highly renewable source.
Non absorbent of scents.
No chemical fertilizers or pesticides are required to naturally and organically grow hemp.
It uses  less than half the water as cotton during its lifespan.
The whole plant gets used. Hemps footprint is zero.
Hemp grows quickly and efficiently.
It can be grown anywhere!
It naturally replenishes the soil.

How Beautiful…

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